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    Team-based Approach

    The research on the treatment of chronic pain heavily supports a team-based approach. This is because chronic pain is complex and is best treated by addressing all the issues that impact on the person in pain.

    Our team is a highly experienced, understanding and committed group of professionals. We are all located together in the same practice and meet regularly to discuss the people we work with. This means that you can be sure that all your teams are working together on the same goals.

    We have regular case conferences where we review our treatments and progress. The whole team contributes and each team member provides different perspectives on how to help. This ensures all options for your treatment are fully considered.

    Our Team Includes:

    Clinical Director

    • Associate Professor Tillman Boesel

    Pain Management Specialists

    • Associate Professor Tillman Boesel
    • Dr Andrew Patterson


    • Tim Austin

    Clinical Psychologists

    • Tony Merritt
    • David Marishel


    • Dr Viktoria Sundakov

    Drug Health

    • Dr Paul Haber


    Other Approach